Basic Usage

After installing django-organizations you can make basic use of the accounts with minimal configuration.

The application’s default views and URL configuration provide functionality for account creation, user registration, and account management.


django-organizations relies on django.contrib.auth for the User model and authentication mechanisms.

Creating accounts


This is a to-do item, and an opportunity to contribute to the project!

User registration

Registering new users with organizations is accomplished by extensible invitation and registration backends.

The default invitation backend accepts an email address and returns the user who either matches that email address or creates a new user with that email address. The view for adding a new user is then responsbile for adding this user to the organization.

The OrganizationSignup view is used for allowing a user new to the site to create an organization and account. This view relies on the registration backend to create and verify a new user.

The backends can be extended to fit the needs of a given site.

Creating accounts

When a new user signs up to create an account - meaning a new UserAccount for a new Account - the view creates a new User, a new Account, a new AccountUser, and a new AccountOwner object linking the newly created Account and AccountUser.

Adding users

The user registration system in django-organizations is based on the same token generating mechanism as Django’s password reset functionality.

Changing ownership


This is a to-do item, and an opportunity to contribute to the project!

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